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Using the DYNE Marketing Center
Using the DYNE Marketing Center

Comprehensive Guide to Using the Marketing Center

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Title: Comprehensive Guide to Using the Marketing Center

1. Marketing Services:

  • Purpose: For purchasing supplemental content for social media (stories, posts, reels).

  • Redemption: Click the 'Redeem Button' when ready to use.

  • Submitting Assets: Upload photos, videos, and logos for content creation.

  • Timeline: Content readiness within 14 days.

2. Pages Performance:

  • Function: Track the performance of Facebook and Instagram pages.

3. AI Center:

  • Overview: Integrated personal marketing team using ChatGPT4.

  • Personas: Options include Default, Marketing Assistant, Social Media Manager, etc.

  • Usage: Click a persona for a definition and help scope. Adjust Creativity Level for caption generation or industry insights.

4. Create Campaign (Paid Ads):

  • Campaign Setup: Name your campaign, select platforms, time period, and daily budget.

  • Image Addition: Option to drag and drop an image or use AI for generation.

  • Caption Generation: AI-generated captions based on the photo.

  • Ad Setup: Choose Ad Account, ad objectives, link, location, demographics, and keywords.

  • AI Customization: Detail what you're promoting for AI-generated creative captions.

  • Campaign Preview: Review and submit your campaign.

5. Campaign Preparation:

6. Your Meta Ads:

  • Access: View Meta ads, existing campaigns, and historical data.

7. Reviews:

  • Aggregation: Centralized Yelp and Google Reviews.

  • Refresh Option: "Fetch Latest Reviews" for new entries.

8. Keyword Score Cards:

  • Analysis: Review keywords for positive/negative sentiment and overall score.

9. Key Sentiment Insights:

  • AI Analysis: Recommendations based on review analysis.

10. QR Code:

  • Utility: Downloadable QR code for easy Google Review submissions by customers.

11. Google/Yelp Reviews:

  • Centralized Reviews: View and respond to reviews efficiently.

12. Events:

  • Insights: Upcoming local events and attendance estimates.

  • Marketing Strategies: Create targeted campaigns and specials for event attendees.

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