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Understanding The Competitor Analysis Feature
Understanding The Competitor Analysis Feature

Guide to Conducting Competitor Analysis

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Title: Guide to Conducting Competitor Analysis

1. Identifying Competitors:

  • Criteria: Select your top 3 competitors based on similar cuisine and location.

  • Outcome: Access comprehensive information and comparative analysis.

2. Understanding the Analysis:

  • Indicators: Green bubbles signify areas where you're outperforming (with a percentage advantage), and red bubbles indicate where competitors have the edge (with a percentage).

3. Utilizing Suggested Actions:

  • Menu Suggestions: Receive new menu ideas based on competitors’ offerings and the reasons behind these suggestions.

  • Campaign Suggestions: Get recommendations for marketing campaigns related to the new menu items.

  • Saving for Later: Option to “Save Campaign,” which stores the idea in Marketing AI for future ad creation.

4. Expanding Research:

  • Additional Competitors: Input other restaurant names in the Search to pull up similar stats.

  • Flexibility: Allows for a broader analysis beyond the initial top 3 competitors.

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