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Meta Business Account Ownership Transfer
Meta Business Account Ownership Transfer

Steps for Managing Meta Business Account Operations

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Title: Steps for Managing Meta Business Account Operations

Why Transfer Ownership?

Transferring ownership is a necessary step to streamline the management of your Meta Business Account and prepare for upcoming operational phases. It allows the integration of related assets and connections with compatible platforms, such as DYNE.

1. Transfer of Ownership:

  • Initiate the transfer of ownership for the Meta Business Account named “Restaurant Name.”

  • Required Action: Submit a request to transfer the ownership of the account to a specified email address (to be provided by the requester).

2. Adding Account Access:

  • Add “Business Owner Name” to the account access list for each asset associated with “Restaurant Name.”

  • Required Permissions: Grant “Full Control” privileges over all associated assets.

3. Preparing for Future Plans:

  • Await confirmation of the ownership transfer.

  • Post-transfer Actions: Import all related assets into the newly owned Meta Business Account.

  • Connect the Meta Business Account to DYNE, noting the compatibility requirements with Meta Business Accounts (eg. no personal Facebook accounts).

4. Providing Transfer Details:

  • Provide the email address for the transfer of ownership to the support team. (Requesters should include the business owner’s email address in their submission).

5. Additional Help:

  • If you need an email template to reach out to the person who currently has access to the account, please see the Google Doc Template here.

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